Funding Solutions

No capital? No problem. SPEC is an innovative private financing and equity firm committed to finding ways to meet the funding needs of our borrowers. We offer capital solutions for a diverse range of opportunities including real estate, automobile, and small business. Our approach is simple; we aren’t confined to limited loan products and rigorous regulations so we are able to approve and fund loans and equity transactions quickly and seamlessly. When you need secured financing that is otherwise hard to get, you need SPEC.

Investment Solutions

Our investors are our top priority. In fact, they are strategic partners. We have the ability to offer investors well above-average returns with secured loans that allows their capital to grow safely and effectively. We pair investors with borrowers on specific loans designed to meet unique earnings and risk targets. You can be invested in local real estate, with the ability to monitor your collateral regularly, without worrying about leasing, repairs and maintenance, property taxes, and insurance. SPEC is a complete solution for your investment needs handling all aspects of the lending process including mortgages, escrow accounts, payment collections, investor disbursements, monthly statements, and year end reports and tax documents. Call or email for more information.

Our Loan Process

We make it simple. In most cases, an application and a loan submission form is all you need to get your approval started. Our experienced and dedicated team will take it from there. We review a credit report, complete a property valuation, and issue a letter of intent. We are flexible, making it easy to work around credit history problems that may keep you from qualifying at other institutions. We are creative and quick, offering non-conventional loan solutions to help you advance.